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Project Controls Management

Turning your project data into insights that drive success.

Project controls management refers to the process of planning, scheduling, and monitoring and controlling the various elements of a project to ensure that it is completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality. This involves using a combination of tools, techniques, and processes to manage and track project performance.

The goal of project controls management is to provide accurate and timely information about project performance to all stakeholders, so that they can make informed decisions about project direction, resource allocation, and risk management.


Within the PCM support and setup services, we offer:

Performance Management

 Identifying, agreeing and implementing appropriate performance management techniques for the project. This includes Implementing earned value techniques to measure project performance, analysing earned value data.

Schedule Management

Developing and maintaining project schedules, identifying critical paths, monitoring progress, and facilitating schedule optimisation and adjustments as needed.

Cost Management

Ensuring effective cost control and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle, including budget development, cost forecasting, variance analysis, and financial reporting.

Reporting and Communication

Developing and providing regular project performance reports, including key metrics, KPIs, and visual dashboards, to facilitate informed decision-making and transparency, providing insights into project progress and cost performance.